Mercurius mercoledì

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 Mercury in transit

According to Ayurveda, the Indian system of healing that dates back to at least 400 C.E., gemstones and crystals can subtly influence our energy and the amount of air, heat, water, or heaviness in our bodies. We can wear them or ingest them.

Wednesday has long been associated with the planet Mercury, (see: L. Dies Mercurii or O.E. wōdnesdæg), and the planet Mercury was named after the deity Mercurius.

To offer more positive support to Mercury- whether it be due to aspects in your natal chart, endurance related issues, challenging work days, or anything pertaining to Mercurius such as travel, speed, communication, commerce, and mischief making- wear an open set green/blue stone such as emerald, jade or aquamarine.  

For healing purposes three to five carats are ideal. In the case of specific Mercury treatments set the stone in gold and wear it on the pinky finger.

To remove nervousness, improve communication and sharpen intelligence an emerald or aquamarine is recommended.

To remove anxiety, excess air, congestion and support the health of the kidneys and prostate jade is reccomended.

Purify your piece by placing in in salt water for two days and begin wearing it on a Wednesday.

Om bram breem broum sah budhaya namah      


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