Sky Phaebl was raised in the Miami sunshine and cherishes light. Her desire as a jeweler and Ayurvedic consultant is to promote radiance, both internally and externally.

Her design education began at the London College of Fashion where she experimented with textiles and metal- synthesizing them together in garments to create points of accentuation and luminosity.

Sky attended Le Arti Orafe in Florence to learn jewelry design and fabrication. This environment taught her the craft of metalwork but also exposed her to the richness that comes from restraint, the luxuriousness of quality and a cultural dedication to beautiful presentations.

Sky is also a certified Ayurvedic consultant, having studied with Dr. Vasant Lad in Albuquerque. There she furthered her understanding of the body, systems of healing and the practice of mindfulness.  

The elements, movement, patterns of all kinds and the psychology of seduction are some of her favorite subjects.